Public Procurement Monitoring

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A  nongovernmental organization  “Public Private Development Centre (PPDC)” held a ToT workshop between 30ThJune – 4thJuly, 2010 for CSO’s and Professional bodies on Procurement Observers Training; Kebetkache Women Development and Resource Centre participated in that training, one of the outcome was for participated bodies to carry out a step-down training within their localities to create awareness on  procurement proceedings as it is met with a lot of challenges. Kebetkache implemented the technical step-down training and provide resource materials to aid the required tools for procurement monitoring on the 12th October, 2010. The training is structured within the legal framework of Public Procurement Act 2007. Corruption is express in the name of awarding contract, this has crippled development and lack of accountability in civilian democratic rule in country, the nation’s wealth through public procurement has been expended, Civil Society Organization decided to champion the cause to assure that Nigeria’s huge natural resources revenues are not expended and the Public Procurement Act 2007 is complied with. However, civil society organizations (CSO)s is left with the responsibility of providin oppurtunity for improved transparency by citizen led observation, monitoring and periodic evaluation of compliace with the law and implimentating rules for public procurement in Nigeria. The constitutional power of oversight over public expenditure given to the legislature provides another oppurtunity for accountability.


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