April 9, 2001
Rivers State Erema Onelga Accreditation commenced 9:03am in polling unit 32/15/10/004 at ward 10, they were few women and more men.
Erema Onelga Observers noted that materials are still in the police station.
Abuururu Onelga They have commence voting, everything is going on well in ward 004
Rumumduru Obio akpo ACN party agent confronted INEC officials demanding for identification, the identification and clearance tags presented to him was not satisfactory for him because the item of Identification is not uniform. The voters demanded that the ACN agent should be thrown out from the premises for disturbing the peace.
Mbouba Obio akpo materials arrived at ward 13, polling unit 008 at about 9:45am, accreditation ended by 12:55pm while voting commence 1:30pm however everything is going fine. By 4:45pm voting is still on
Rumuolumeni Obio akpo Report: Voting started by 1:30pm at ward 12
Byelsa State Opolo Yenagoa polling unit 004 accreditation started by 10:00am
Onoyo Ogbia Accreditation commenced since 9:00am
Elegbale Ogbia Materials arrived at 10:00am, accreditation started with a fresh register
Kolo 1 Ogbia Accreditation commence shortly after materials arrived at about 10:00am at the polling centre (BY05) in ward 9, Kolo health centre. The election process is peace and orderly. Incident report from observer said the coppers and INEC officials are compromising by making up the total number of registered (300) voters out of about 100 that participated in the election in ward 9.
Elegbale Ogbia So many people names are missing, INEC officials are now working with sheet of papers, it was noted by observer that security agent are many as well as PDP agents, though the community is not in tense. Voting has started, some women are guided on the voting excersie, some party members are soliciting for voters. Observers spot under age voting. Some of the unit are quiet probably waiting till 5pm.
Kolo Town Ogbia Reporting from ward: security is intact with patrol van. Observer commend the stakeholders in the during the voting process and describe it as free and fair, currently result is been counting.
Egboebiri Yenagoa Unit 5 ward 13, register is mixed up, no accreditation yet including ward 14 but security is ok, people are still waiting.
Kolo Ogbia Election is going on fine in ward 9, no sign of violent potentials, security is in order
Oruma Ogbia labour party leader was arrested in ward in ward 6, as regard to the arrest election in this area has been canceled
Ogbolo; Yenagoa Claims are made that PDP is trying to rig the election by paying money to people to vote for them and arrangement is made to move away other party agents so they cant be monitored. Report says over an hour the election ended result has not been announce, and in some areas ‘units’ Observers said INEC officials are assisting in rigging by thumbprint the ballot papers by their self. Statement of result: 216 accredited, 28 invalid {labour party 38} {PDP105} {ACN 1} {CPC 1}
Oloibiri Ogbia After accreditation it was reported some people came and shot everybody ran away, election was also canceled in this area.
Brass There was a clash by ACN and PDP members, at the cause of scaring people away JTF shot in the air, a boy was hit by straight bullet.
Akwa Ibom State Inue uken Ibuno Voting has commence in ward 5, the polling unit is split in to two section ‘5a & 5b’, security wise they are two police men overseeing the activity
Ikot Ubou Ikot ekpene In ward 8 accreditation is on. Observer notice 2 policemen and 3 party agent
Upenekang Ibuno ward 2 has commence voting, the people are preservative in voting, they said ‘the governor gave some people some money yesterday’, because of that they have refuse to vote.
Ikot ekpene constituency Ikot ekpene In ward 2, unit 4 accreditation started by 11am and it is still going on. The voting materials has not yet arrive.
Obong Edon Ikot ekpene They have not started, no materials. It was announced that in ward 5 PDP won.
Atinan ACN and PDP had clash in the reported local government.
Okot obong Ikot ekpene Materials came early at ministry of works ward 3, accreditation is going on. The place is calm there are party agents also observing, the women are more in population than men
Obong Edon Ibiono Ibom Election materials were hijack as a result of the incident election was canceled.
Offot Uyo Federal Constituency At polling unit 011 the non sensitive materials arrived and the voting proper commenced. the exercise last for about two hours, despite the climate condition “Rain” voters were determined to exercise their civic right. ACN carried the day in all the 22 units in ward 1 and there was expression of joy from the wining party.
April 16, 2011
Rivers State Rumuorluo Accreditation started by 8:00am, no of persons accredited is 1190 and election proper has commenced.
Rumuolumine Obio/Akpo The polling unit 012 strated accreditation at 10:07am and stopped at 12:30pm, total number of persons accredited is 176. There are three party agents namely PDP, CAN, and APGA. Word across from observer that voting is on progress at about 1:25pm. It is reported that the security level at Ngboshemine, polling unit 013, in ward 017 is poor and accreditation is still on at about 1pm.The results is stated as follows: 1032 PDP, ACN 5, PPP 8, NPP 3
Rumuorluoji Obio/Akpo Mixed reactions are reported from voters due to finished materials and there are more waiting to vote; In PU/32/15/01/013 voters are tearing their voting identification cards because of exausted materials during the exercise
results: PDP 1168, ACN 11, CPC 4, Void 7.
Mbouba Obio/Apko 1320 persons were accredited out of 1329 registered, counting of votes took place by 4:00pm.
Results: PDP 1277, PDC 1, PPP 2, CPC 12, ACN 4, rejected votes were 24. The result was announced by 5:00pm .
Mbouba Obio/Apko At Town Hall ward 13, unit 008 accreditation starts by 9:40am, 2580 accredited, voting commenced 1:05pm, the exercise was successful, 2555 cast their votes, 2633 registered. Over 700 women turn out, the women was concerned about Goodluck Jonathan �Jonathan has been able to reduce the fuel crises in 2010.
results: ACN 20, CPC 10, NMDP 16 and PDC 10, rejected 69.
Bayelsa State Kolo 1 Ogbia accreditation started in ward 9 by 8:30am. Bassey Sunday is the presiding officer in this ward. The election is going peaceful and orderly
Onoyo Ogbia accreditation started in ward 7 by 8:00am, voting is in progress at about 12:40pm.
Mbouba Obio akpo materials arrived at ward 13, polling unit 008 at about 9:45am, accreditation ended by 12:55pm while voting commence 1:30pm however everything is going fine. By 4:45pm voting is still on
Oruma Ogbia In ward 6 accreditation started by 8:00am, the presiding officer is Lamade Flahga
Ogbolo Ogbia accreditation started in by 9:00am at ward 5.It was reported that registered voters are 1167, accredited voters 1100.
Results: PDP 1091, CPC 6, Void 3
Elegbale Ogbia Accreditation started by 9:00am at ward 7, the name of the presiding officer is Marian Abubakar. Voting has is in progress at about 1:00pm326 registered
Results: PDP 290, Void 3.
Kolo Ogbia In ward 09, polling unit 013 accreditation started in by 9:00am in ward 5
Ogbia Town Ogbia Materials arrived in ward 01, PYN Unit at about 7:00am while accreditation commenced 8:00am and stopped at 12:00pm, 715 were accredited and voting is in progress. started in by 9:00am in war.
Akwa Ibom State Ikot Obong Edong Ikot Ekpene accreditation started by 8:30am in ward 5. One party agent, two police and one copper was identified.
Results: PDP 976, PPP 1, CPC 2, PDC 1, ACN 2, rejected vote 5
Ibiakwu Mkpad Enien Ward 2 start accrediting started by 9:30am, present was one police, one PDP party agent and one ACN party agent.
PDP 493, ACN 1 and 6 rejected votes.
Upene Kang Ibeno They start accrediting started by 8:30am, at the time of reporting those accredited was 921. In ward 2 one copper, 2 police, 4 PDP party agents and 2 ACN party agent. At Inuak Eyecikot they start accreditation by 9:44pm, 2 police, 4 observer, 2 PDP and 2 ACN party agents.PDP swept ward 2 by 1200 votes, none recorded in other parties.
Ward 1, unit 6 recorded PDP 518, ACN 18, ANPP 1
Ibeno Ward 10 unit 004 started accreditation by 10:00am while voting starts 1:30pm, it was reported that women are well represented in figures and the environment is peaceful.
Results: 377 accredited, PDP vote counts 377 other parties zero
Ikot Ekpene In ward 2, unit 04 accreditation starts by 9:05 while sensitive materials arrived 12:10pm, voting commenced 1:00pm, women came out in their numbers to exercise their civil right.Ward 6 unit 003 starts accreditation by 10:00am, voting starts by 1:30pm; women were more than men in numbers. The environment is peaceful.Materials arrived in ward 5, unit 006 at about 8:30am and the accreditation at 8:53am and stopped at about 5pm, after the counting the result was announced as follows;
Results: PDP389, PPP 1, ACN 1, the election was concluded by 5:52pm however the election was peaceful.
; Ukan Accreditation started by 8:20am in ward 1, unit 6, it was reported that the Governor showed up in his village at about 12:00pm noon for accreditation. It was noted that there was no police officers, 6 INEC officials and 8 observers.
Esit Eket Eket Materials arrived 8:30am, accreditation starts 8:40am, voting commenced 12:30. Women were well represented in the voting exercise.
Results: PDP 553, ACN 4.
Ikot Ekpene Ward 6, unit 003 recorded results as stated below.
PDP 402, ANPP 3, CAN 1, NCP 4, PPP 3, CPC 1, and 6 rejected, the total number of vote cast is 421.
Ikot Edet Ibiono Ibom Ward 4, unit 18 starts accreditation by 8:05am, voting commenced 1:00pm and stopped at 4:20pm.
Results: PDP 360, and ACN 150
Constituency AKA 1 The election was peaceful in Ward 1 unit 11, even as PDP won with a wide margin
Sq Ididep Usuk Ibiono Eastern 1 Materials arrived at ward 1 by 9:00am; accreditation, voting and counting went smoothly as PDP won with 588 out of 602.

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