Enhancing The Capacity of Staff Development

Kebetkache Women Development and Resource Centre in partnership with Gender and Development Action (GADA) hold a training and capacity building course on Service Delivery and Efficiency Enhancement for staff. The two day was held on 7th and 8th of June, 2011. In the conference room of GADA in Port Harcourt, participants include 8 Kebetkache staff and 9 GADA Staff. The objectives of the training include;
1. To acquaint participants with contemporary service delivery and work ethics knowledge
2. To enhance the efficiency and competence of participants, particularly in relation to their Duties.
3. To acquaint participants with current and contemporary information mgt methods
4. To expose participants to project mgt basics
5. To expose participants to personal self development areas such as goal setting, decision making, time management, etc.
6. To acquaint participants with personal and office safety/fire prevention knowledge
The course focused on goal setting, time management delegating responsibilities and authority, information management and record keeping, improving service delivery, SERVICOM; work ethics, decision making and problem analysis, project management, interpersonal relationship and peace building, office safety and fire prevention and stress management. The training was facilitated by Mr. Afolabi O. Adon.


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